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“Open to All Artists All the Time”


INTERVIEW - David Quammen at MMCTV

Montgomery Municipal Cable Channel 16
June 13, 2012
To watch the video, click here!.

Make Moca Your Gallery, too

Our mission is to be Open to All Artists All the Time; we strive to recognize and give voice to a wide variety of unrepresented artists. We are one of the few figurative galleries in the country with a progressive attitude toward the nude figure.

Our policy is unique in the art world, for it is literally Your gallery, too:You who become members; You who exhibit art; You who come to gallery functions; You who participate in gallery events; and You who take the lead on an exhibit, a function, a service, a - - - it's literally Your Gallery to use or direct as you will.

Darryll Bennett has done some of what makes it literally his gallery: He attended an event, liked what he saw, became a member; then rented the gallery for an exhibit & opening for he and a bunch of his friends. And with several more events under his belt, Moca has gained a number of new members; but more importantly, dozens of artists who now do all the things they want to do with Their gallery.

Want to Jury an exhibit? LilianneMilgrom did the first one last April. She also curated one, and will be a solo artist Up.Front some time later. An international artist& journalist, no less. And largely responsible for opening the lobby up as Up.Front,with a slick redo & special status.

John Figuera has curated one show and was the first Solo artist under the New Deal - always with John when hanging the show, Robin Renay belongs to Moca as much as anybody else.

Out.Back is the main gallery, always open to more functions and other freedoms; artists and entrepreneurs have come up with some nice functions and events in the gallery, which pay part of the costs and brings in literally many hundreds new to the New Deal.

In.Between - or what was the music room -- I've moved things around and will maintain this as a separate exhibit room - Artist &Moca supporter, DuyguKivanc has silk scarves in there now - and Daniela has her work on the rear wall. Duygu lives in Turkey, Daniela lives in Italy, but is in the U.S. until May.

So, Literally how can You benefit from this New Deal? Curate a show of your friends; Jury one; Solo exhibit of Your own work. Can be Up.Front or Out.Back. Larry Oskin is curating one now for our May exhibit; he has identified 10 artists to be in the show and pay a $25 membership fee. Larry wants all the proceeds to go to Moca, his role in helping the gallery.

Over the years, MOCA DC has contributed a unique social conscience to Washington's gallery scene by supporting those who help others. We also rent out our Georgetown gallery for private events, social functions and photo shoots. We hold three figurative exhibits a year, although some other exhibits may have nude art in it.

MOCA DC will celebrate twenty-one years of continuous operation in April of 2013; the Figure Models Guild will celebrate its twelfth anniversary in July of the same year.

David R. Quammen Owner/Executive Director (202) 342-6230 mocadc2010@gmail.com

We are open: Wednesday to Friday 1 to 6 pm. Saturday 1 to 5 pm.